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TFP BBQ Ep. 84 - Cook off chat and whole hog at Reveille

TFP BBQ Ep. 84 - Cook off chat and whole hog at Reveille

December 10, 2018
As we continue to explore all aspects of the BBQ world, we once again took a crack at competition barbecue. We competed in a small, non-sanctioned cook-off recently and in this episode discussed our results and our thoughts on cook-offs. 

We also recorded live from the overnight hog cook at Reveille Barbecue Co. as they and Wade Elkins cooked a red wattle hog over live coals. We were joined by Austin Moore with Tejas Chocolate and Barbecue and talked about his role at the restaurant. Nick Rama from Nick's Local Eats also came out for the festivities and joined us to talk about his BBQ exploration.

TFP BBQ Ep. 83 - Brett’s Backyard Barbeque

TFP BBQ Ep. 83 - Brett’s Backyard Barbeque

December 3, 2018

Brett Mckenzie Boren was bitten by the BBQ bug at an early, starting with the competition barbecue world. After years of competing in cookoffs and winning multiple awards, Brett began to contemplate a retail business. After building up his profile with a series of successful pop-ups and many large catering jobs, long-term plans for a permanent spot began to take shape.

After searching for the right spot for a while, Brett found a location in the small town of Rockdale, Texas that would allow him to put down roots. Brett began the build out of his spot and opened with a bang at the end of October, 2018 serving BBQ staples and specials cooked well on his custom made Moberg pits.
Brett's Backyard Bar-B-Que has been a welcome addition to the town of Rockdale and the Texas barbecue landscape as a whole, and the future is bright for Brett. Get out to his place and also check out Brett's food at the upcoming Houston vs Austin BBQ Throwdown taking place December 9th at Friends and Allies Brewing in Austin, Texas.

Catch BBQ Brett and Brett's Backyard Barbeque at:

449 W. Cameron Ave.
Rockdale, Texas
(512) 688-7889
Thurs - Sat 10:30am - 7 (or sell out)
Sun - 10:30am - 3 (or sell out)





TFP BBQ History Ep. 82 - Roland Lindsey

TFP BBQ History Ep. 82 - Roland Lindsey

November 26, 2018
We've had the privilege to talk to many great people in the BBQ world, but the opportunity to talk to true BBQ trailblazers is rare. Roland Lindsey is one of those pioneers of Texas barbecue. A few months prior to his passing we were fortunate to be able to spend an afternoon with Roland at his original Bodacious Bar-B-Q location in Longview, opened in 1968.

In this episode you'll hear about Roland's early days cooking at his dad's cafe in Duncanville, Texas as well as his cooking methods and the origins of the Bodacious Bar-B-Q restaurants. We also spoke with Roland about his relationship with Bewley pits and his understanding of pit technology which, like many things in Roland's career, was far ahead of its time.

Roland was a true pioneer of so much and his influence in east and northeast Texas barbecue is undeniable. More important than his BBQ legacy is the impact Roland had on his friends, family, and community. His kindness and spirit was unmatched and his memory lives on in the countless lives he touched.


TFP BBQ Ep. 81 - Holiday BBQ chat

TFP BBQ Ep. 81 - Holiday BBQ chat

November 19, 2018
In the midst of another BBQ road trip we recorded an episode to help our fellow BBQ 
friends with a bit of a Texas BBQ holiday guide. 

In the episode we go over some great options to take out of town friends and family for the holidays, including different options based on your crowd. We've got some BBQ travel and cooking plans we also discuss. And be on the lookout for some Black Friday giveaways from us!

We'll be putting together another listener questions episode in the near future, so get those questions in either via DM or email!

Twitter: @bbqpodcast Instagram: @talesfromthepits Email: talesfromthepits@gmail.com

TFP BBQ Ep. 80 - Eric Sandler

TFP BBQ Ep. 80 - Eric Sandler

November 12, 2018

For Andrew's 100th recorded visit to Roegels we join Eric Sandler in a discussion of Houston Barbecue.

CultureMap Houston Food Editor Eric Sandler has been plugged into the Houston dining scene for years, and his enthusiasm for barbecue rivals that of many of the BBQ hounds that travel Texas in search of great smoked meat. Being a born and raised Houstonian, Eric has had a firsthand glimpse at the changes in both Houston and across Texas over the years.

In our chat with Eric we talk about how he broke into the food writing scene, his childhood barbecue memories, and where he sees the Houston barbecue scene going over the next few years. Eric was kind enough to humor us with his patented lightning round questions that he asks his guests on his own podcast, "What's Eric Eating?" Give it a listen for Houston food news, including barbecue guests!
To stay in the know on breaking Houston restaurant (and BBQ) news, make sure you're following Eric's work on CultureMap and his social media profiles

Eric's articles on CultureMap: http://houston.culturemap.com/author/eric-sandler/articles/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/esandler

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ericsandler/

"What's Eric Eating?" Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/whats-eric-eating/id1231236807?mt=2




TFP BBQ Ep. 79 - Patrick Feges and Feges BBQ

TFP BBQ Ep. 79 - Patrick Feges and Feges BBQ

November 1, 2018
The husband and wife team of Patrick Feges (rhymes with Regis) and Erin Smith own and operate Feges BBQ in Houston, one of the city's excellent new barbecue establishments. Patrick sat down with us a few months ago to discuss his culinary career and new restaurant, but also chose to share with us a much more important story. 

Most people involved in the Houston dining scene are familiar with Patrick's history as a wounded war veteran, as were we prior to recording. But very few had heard the incredible details of Patrick's war history and harrowing story of survival. Patrick chose to share his story in depth with us, and you can hear the full story in Episode 47 of our podcast as well as the full versions of his culinary history and the opening of Feges BBQ in Episodes 48 and 49.

All of these episodes were very well received, but we've since had numerous requests from listeners to produce a condensed version of our interviews with Patrick so as it could be consumed within the content of one episode.

We appreciate the feedback and are happy to present you this special condensed episode with Patrick Feges of Feges BBQ. Please tune in for Patrick's amazing personal history as well as his long journey working in the Houston dining scene and finally, along with Chef Erin Smith, the opening of the much anticipated Feges BBQ.

You can visit Patrick, Erin, and the crew at Feges BBQ Monday through Friday and at special events on some weekends

3 Greenway Plaza Ste C210
Concourse Level – The Hub
Houston, TX 77046

Monday-Friday, 7-930am

Monday-Friday, 11am-3pm


Facebook: FegesBBQ

TFP BBQ Ep. 78 - John Brotherton’s Pit Crew, Liberty Barbecue

TFP BBQ Ep. 78 - John Brotherton’s Pit Crew, Liberty Barbecue

October 29, 2018

John Brotherton has worked tirelessly for years to make his BBQ dreams a reality. With Brotheron's Black Iron Barbecue in Pflugerville, Texas a big success, John has been able to hire a pit crew to help alleviate a lot of his day to day cooking duties.

On the heels of that success, John and his business partners have made plans to open Liberty Barbecue in downtown Round Rock. In our latest episode we talk with John and some of his pit crew including Dominic Colbert and Alanmykal Jackson to discuss the creative menus of both restaurants as well as their respective BBQ resumes.

We also are joined by Joey Victorian of Victorian's Barbecue to discuss the upcoming Barbecue Throwdown taking in place in Austin on Sunday, December 9th presented by HOUBBQ.

Catch Brotherton online at @PFTXBBQ Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

And www.pftxbbq.com  for more information on his restaurant

15608 Spring Hill Ln #105
Pflugerville, TX 78660

T-Sat 11a–8p
Su-M closed

Liberty Barbecue coming soon
103 E. Main Street
Round Rock, Tx

TFP BBQ Ep. 77 - The Butcher’s Ball

TFP BBQ Ep. 77 - The Butcher’s Ball

October 22, 2018
We were fortunate to attend the third annual Butcher's Ball event in Brenham, Texas. This meat-centric, all encompassing event showcases responsibly raised high quality products prepared by talented chefs and pitmasters from all around Texas. The participants each prepare a dish to serve and the attendees vote on their favorite dish. The participant whose dish receives the most votes wins the coveted Golden Cleaver award for the year. In addition to the award, the stakes were raised this year with the winner also receiving a thousand dollars. Second and third place awards were also given out.
The setting for this event, Rockin' Star Ranch in Brenham, is picturesque and the weather is great this time of year in Texas. All food and drinks (including beer, wine, and liquor) are included with the ticket price. With a wide array of meats, beverages, and desserts to sample along with butchery demonstrations, silent auctions, and live music, this event is a food lover's dream. We're already excited for next year's Butcher's Ball.
What makes this event even more special is that it helps to raise funds for the Urban Harvest Farmer's Market Program! (http://urbanharvest.org/farmersmarkets)
There are a lot of great barbecue events coming up during the fall and winter and we're going to cover as many of them as possible.
Tune in to this episode to hear all of the details on Butcher's Ball, upcoming special events at BBQ joints, and upcoming BBQ pop-ups from us!
TFP Ep. 76 - Zach Parker from B.E. Scott’s Bar-B-Que

TFP Ep. 76 - Zach Parker from B.E. Scott’s Bar-B-Que

October 15, 2018

The tradition of West Tennessee style whole hog cooking is an endangered species, with only three known business owners staying true to the method of hogs cooked under beds of wood coals. Pat Martin of Martin's Bar-B-Que (multiple locations in Tennessee and beyond), Ramey's BBQ in Parsons, Tennessee, and B.E. Scott's Bar-B-Que in Lexington, Tennessee are still carrying on this tradition.


We had the pleasure of dining at all three places on our recent whole hog road trip and were fortunate to be able to sit down with owner/operator Zach Parker of B.E. Scott's to talk about his life growing up in the business and how their restaurant operates. B.E. Scott's was opened in 1962 and owned by Early Scott until 1989 when Zach's father, Ricky, bought the business after working there for several years.


Zach grew up working in the restaurant at an early age, learning the laborious step by step method of cooking whole hog from his dad. Zach was going to school to be an EMT when his father passed away in 2013. Zach left school to run the restaurant and carry on both the family tradition and the tradition of West Tennessee style whole hog barbecue.


Southern Foodways Alliance produced a great video of the Parker family that we strongly encourage everyone to watch as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQfBqLK8vs4


Address10880 US-412, Lexington, TN 38351
















TFP BBQ Ep. 75 - Wyatt McSpadden Texas BBQ Photographer

TFP BBQ Ep. 75 - Wyatt McSpadden Texas BBQ Photographer

October 8, 2018

Wyatt McSpadden's love of Texas barbecue stretches back even further in time than his celebrated photography career which spans five decades. Growing up in a meat market family in Amarillo some of Wyatt's earliest memories involve barbecue. As a young man his hobby of photography began growing into a passion that evolved into a profession.

In our interview with Wyatt we cover his early days photographing the construction of the famous Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, the beginnings of his BBQ photography, up to present day with the release of his latest book, Texas BBQ, Small Town to Downtown, and all points in between. Wyatt has witnessed historic moments in Texas barbecue firsthand including the splitting of the Kreuz/Smitty's businesses in Lockhart, and his career has seen the advancements in both the meat quality of the barbecue produced and the many advancements in technology that have changed the photography world. Like the transition of film to digital, the Texas Barbecue scene has evolved.

Both of Wyatt's books are must-own items for barbecue lovers and are available at all major retailers. Wyatt's portraits of both the food and the people that cook it are beautifully laid out in these books designed by Nancy McMillan


Get Wyatt’s newest book at one of his upcoming book signings or buy online


If you don’t already own one, pick up a copy of his first Texas BBQ book as well: https://www.amazon.com/Texas-Doris-Smothers-history-culture/dp/0292718586?crid=2JQYH0WJEAGC9&keywords=wyatt+mcspadden&qid=1539040443&sprefix=wyatt+mcsp%2Caps%2C212&sr=8-2&ref=sr_1_2