TFP Ep. 35 - BBQ Camp

January 16, 2018

Foodways Texas and the meat science department at Tezas A&M host multiple barbecue education events each year. Two of these are held in partnership with Foodways Texas; Barbecue Summer Camp and Camp Brisket. Creative Sausage Making and Beef 101 are options available directly through A&M.

Recorded at The Hop Stop which is celebrating its 2 year anniversary on January 27th, Andrew and Bryan discuss our experience at Barbecue Summer Camp and Camp Brisket as well as provide some information on the other two courses.

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TFP Ep. 34 - Steve Garner SouthernQ BBQ and catering

January 11, 2018

Starting with family barbecue outings in east texas the passion of barbecue kept calling at Steve and Sharice Garner until they were able to put their unique touch on the barbecue world.

Listen in as Steve Garner talks about his path to launching a brick and mortar after driving trucks and running a food trailer. Steve talks about his path to launching his restaurant, boudin, firecracker crackers, and visiting the bookity bookity boudain man.

Steve also tells us some big news about the future of Southern Q!

Trivia - A visit to Southern Q in February of 2015 was Andrew and Bryan's first BBQ visit together


TFP Ep. 33 - Evie Mae’s Pit Room Tour

December 28, 2017

Thank you for listening in 2017!

First up on this episode, we announce the winner of the $50 gift card from Truth Barbecue

Listen in as customer-turned-pitmaster Nathan Pier takes us on a pit tour at Evie Mae's. Arnis Robbins custom builds his own unique reverse flow pits that are like no others in the business.

The first two pits, named Shadrach and Meshach started from 750 gallon propane tanks but the tops are boxed out to provide up to three racks of cooking surface. Their third pit is a large J&R Oyler 1300. Pits four and five were the most recent pits built for full time restaurant use. They retain Arnis' reverse flow design but leave the rounded tops from the original tanks intact and also benefit from an insulated firebox.



TFP Ep, 32 - Reid Guess Interview - Guess Family Barbecue

December 19, 2017

Reid guess has worked hard to get to where he's at today including cleaning vent hoods, graduating from Le Cordon Bleu, working in the fine dining world, and launching his own trailer.

It's been a family endeavor; he's built his own pits with the help of his father, including the 19 foot long behemoth he wrangles into cooking some great smoked meats, and his nephew Aaron grinds out some great and unique sausage. Sides are produced only with wood fueled heat - and don't skip the grits!

Listen to this episode as he describes his ascent and tells us some major news for the business.

Also in this episode we announce the winner of the Brotherton Black Iron Barbecue gift certificate and let you know about our latest giveaway, a gift certificate to Truth Barbecue!



TFP Ep. 31 - HOUBBQ Throwdown, Brotherton’s Black Iron Barbecue Gift Card giveaway, and more

December 12, 2017

Hear as we annnounce our latest prize giveaway, a $50 gift card to Brotherton's Black Iron Barbecue
We do a recap of the HOUBBQ Austin vs Houston BBQ Throwdown
Andrew manned the pits for a Doubleback BBQ catering gig
Both Andrew and Bryan make separate trips to Truth Barbecue
Bryan made a run to Austin that included brisket stew from John Mueller Black Box Barbecue and a visit to a backyard popup held by Brett's BBQ
We wound up the week with a stop at Southern Q BBQ in Houston



TFP Ep. 30 - 5 stop HOU BBQ run - Mispronounced BBQ names

December 5, 2017

Listen in as we recap a 5 stop barbecue run where we hit up Pinkerton's Barbecue, Victorian's Barbecue, Feges BBQ, Buck's Barbeque Co., and wound up at Tin Roof Barbecue for their grand re-opening after a recent fire. We met up with John Brotherton and Marvin Briley of Brotherton Black Iron Barbecue and Russell and Misty Reogels of Roegel's Barbecue Co at three of the stops and ran across a number of BBQ trail friends.

We tell you where you can find some tasty cheesey squash in Houston

What are the most misprounounced names in barbecue? We pronounce Feges, Roegels, Kreuz, Micklethwait, Evie (Mae's), tell you our peet peeve around mispronouncing Franklin Barbecue, and the many ways to say Mueller

We draw the winning name for the $50 Opie's Barbecue gift certificate and tshirt

We discuss the topic of traditional and non traditional barbecue



TFP Ep. 29 - Dylan Taylor Interview

November 28, 2017

Chance encounters at Franklin Barbecue and la Barbecue set the stage for Dylan Taylor's shift from pursuing a music degree to jumping headfirst into the barbecue world at Terry Black's Barbecue as a meat cutter. Dylan later worked for la Barbecue and helped train staff at Lewis Barbecue in Charleston before landing his current gig at Truth Barbecue.

In between all that Dylan and friends have gone on epic barbecue-centric road trips and he describes his experiences sampling the different styles of barbecue across the country and how they compare to central Texas style. Kansas City, Memphis, The Carolinas, and Dylan's favorite Texas BBQ stops are discussed. He also tells us why he takes pictures of his meat.

Check out a special prize giveaway on this episode! Listen in and follow us on Instagram (TalesFromThe Pits) for more info on a great gift package from Opie's Barbecue!




TFP Ep. 28 - Truth BBQ Pt 2 Interview with Leonard Botello

November 21, 2017

We continue our talk with Leonard Botello talking about the new Houston location of Truth Barbecue, Buckethead, A tip on how to skip the line and get cake, trying to sneak into Houston, our city vs city rivalry with Jimmy Ho, and BBQ desserts


TFP Ep. 27 - Truth BBQ Interview with Leonard Botello

November 14, 2017

Listen in as we discuss the early days of Truth BBQ, what is "Central Texas BBQ", status of the Brenham location, and some news on the new Houston location in part one of our two part interview with Leonard Botello IV




TFP Ep. 26 - Where we want to eat next, Top 50 Talk, and what’s happening in Houston Barbecue

October 25, 2017

Andrew and I discuss where are we looking forward to eating at next, who should have been on the Top 50 list, what's happening in Houston barbecue, and what are we cooking up for our next popup event at The Hop Stop on this episode of Tales From the Pits