TFP Ep. 43 - Moberg Smokers - Sunny Moberg

March 19, 2018

Over the last year the name Moberg has burst onto the barbecue scene, but what many don't know is that the man behind the incredibly popular smokers is no newcomer to the world of pit building. Sunny Moberg has been welding since he was a teenager, and his roots in Texas barbecue stretch back to his grandfather, the founder of Smokey Denmark sausage company.

Sunny's pits, made mostly from decommissioned propane tanks, have received much acclaim from barbecue enthusiasts to acclaimed BBQ joints for their expert craftsmanship, superior airflow, and cooking efficiency. Sunny also makes the trailers for his pits, a skill he learned early on when owning a previous trailer manufacturing business.
As you'll hear from barbecue up-and-comers Brett Boren (@brettsbbq) and Cody Avery (averybarbecue) as well as top pitmasters Scott Moore (@tejaschocolate) and Will Buckman (corkscrewbbq) in this episode, Moberg Smokers are built extremely well and priced fairly. Some of Sunny's clients include the aforementioned Corkscrew BBQ and Tejas Chocolate and Barbecue as well as Killen's Barbecue, Flores Barbecue, Stiles Switch BBQ and Brew, Terry Black's Barbecue, and many others including international buyers!
The demand for a Moberg Smoker has gotten so high, in fact, that the wait list for a pit built by Sunny has become almost as famous as the pits themselves, but you'll hear in our interview with Sunny that he has some help on the way to speed up his process.
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Find Moberg Smokers onthe internet: @mobergsmokers
and at their website:

TFP Ep. 42 - BBQ Road Trip Chat with Chris Wood of Primacy Meat Co

March 12, 2018

We love eating barbecue, and eating with new friends is even more fun. After online banter with Chris Wood of Primacy Meat Co. we were able to meet up with him at Truth Barbecue and the next day at Valentina's Tex Mex Barbecue to share stories of the road.

Chris was in the middle of an epic Texas barbecue road trip when we sat down next to the freeway and chatted. Listen in as he tells us about his travels.

Keep an eye on him as he launches his business in Virginia, follow him on instagram at  and Facebook at

Chris's entire trip included Tejas Chocolate, Corkscrew, Southern Q, Victorian's, Pinkerton's, Snow's, Truth, Louie Mueller, Taylor Cafe, Stiles Switch, Valentina's, La Barbecue, Kerlin's, Micklethwait, Texas Ranch, Black's, Smitty's, and Kreuz Market -- what a trip!

We announce not one, but TWO winners of great prizes, Mandoesc09 who won an autographed photo of Tootsie Tomanetz, and Stephen Narron who is picking up a John Mueller Black Box Barbecue shirt.

Hang on as we tell you about THREE more giveaways including some more details on the insane Yeti cooler stuffed to the brim with BBQ swag. The response from our friends in the BBQ industry has been overwhelming and we keep getting more but it's full and we're going to seal it up for the giveaway. But that's not enough, we will also have two prize packs!

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TFP Ep. 41 - John Mueller Black Box Barbecue

March 5, 2018

John Mueller is one of the most controversial men in the barbecue world and he's carved his niche in the industry doing things in own way. With a hot and fast method of cooking, house made sausage, tasty pork ribs, brisket stew, plus brisket and beef ribs rubbed with a heavy dose of pepper a good visit is rewarded with a unique and flavorful experience.

Don't forget the cheesy squash loaded with ladles of cheese, a rich end to a memorable meal.

John sat down with us for a fun and informative chat. In the episode we cover the time after he left Louie Mueller Barbecue to present day, including some big news from John!

We announce a new giveaway and also give an update on our Yeti cooler filled with BBQ swag that includes some very cool merchandise. 

The Texas Monthly article we discussed on the episode is here:

Catch John and his crew Thursday - Sunday from 10:30am-sold out

201 E. 9th Street

Georgetown Texas 78626

Twitter @JSM_meat



TFP Ep. 40 - Roegels Barbecue Co Part 2

February 26, 2018

Roegels Barbecue Co. (pronounced ray-gulls) received a positive review from the Houston Chronicle's Alison Cook in April 2015 which increased their customer base overnight but the Roegels crew didn't take their foot off the gas pedal.  A continual evolution of their menu and launching weekly specialty meats such as smoked pastrami helped them earn a spot on the 2017 Texas Monthly Top 50 list and cemented Russell's place in the Texas barbecue scene.

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For more information on Roegels, check out their website

twitter: @RoegelsBarbecue

or even better, visit them in person at 2223 S. Voss Houston, TX 77057

Open 7 days a week



TFP Ep. 39 - Roegels Barbecue Co Part 1

February 20, 2018

Russell Roegels has been cooking barbecue longer than some of our listeners have been alive. Russell worked with Bodacious in East Texas and decided to move down to Houston with little to his name after a decision made while fishing to head up a Bakers Ribs location.

Russel and family put in long hours 7 days a week, eventually tweaking their product after experiencing other barbecue at the Houston Barbecue Festival and doing a Texas barbecue road trip.

Without media fanfare he launched Roegels Barbecue Co in the middle of a lunch rush, changing the sign while patrons ate inside.

In this episode you hear about the early days, that decision to open under his own name, and a pivotal visit by Houston Chronicle food critic Alison Cook



TFP Ep. 38 - Esaul Ramos 2M Smokehouse

February 14, 2018

Family backyard barbecue memories floated through Esaul's mind while working as a bus driver, calling him into the world of barbecue. He made the jump from bus driver head first into his first gig working at La Barbecue. After learning the art from John Lewis the dreams of his own business pulled him back to San Antonio where he launched 2M Smokehouse with Joe Melig.

Chicharoni macaroni, serrano and Oaxaca cheese sausage, pickled nopales, barbacoa, and speciality cakes are just some of the unique items Esaul, wife Grecia, Joe, pithand Dusty, and team crank out with their unique flavor of barbecue for a growing fan base

Listen as Esaul takes us through his background, his time at La Barbecue, the menu at 2M, and his plans for a second pit at his busy restaurant

Find them online at
Twitter: @2m_smokehouse
Instagram: 2msmokehouse



TFP Ep. 37 - Pork Rib 101

January 30, 2018

The one where we talk about ribs:
Upon request, we've dedicated this episode to cooking pork ribs.

Andrew has placed in IBCA sanctioned BBQ cookoffs with his ribs and over the years he's developed the Doubleback BBQ rib rub that has served well in retail too. 

From purchase to trimming to cooking, we describe what has worked well for us, listen in and let us know any tips or tricks you use!

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TFP Ep. 36 - Jim Buchanan - Buck’s Barbeque Co

January 23, 2018

From family barbecues to nearly opening a brick and mortar before the building was destroyed by Hurricane Harvey, Jim Buchanan has persistently pursued his barbecue dream. Jim developed his taste for Texas barbecue living in Katy Texas beginning with backyard cookouts. The competition circuit was his next endeavor where he did well and met up with Wes Jurena, leading to his work at Pappa Charlies.
Jim stepped out on his own and was set to open his own place before the hurricane sidelined him, but he recovered and is currently popping up at several locations. Listen to Jim's story and the time he almost gave his girlfriend a heart attack when he was experimenting with his espresso ribs!

Twitter: @bucksbbqco

Catch Buck's Barbeque Co. at:
Wed, Thu, Fri 11am-3pm with specials often on Friday evenings
Lucky's Lodge
2024 Rusk St
Houston, TX 77003

Saturdays from 11am to sell out or 6pm
8th Wonder Brewery
2202 Dallas Street
Houston Texas 77003

Sundays from 4pm-9pm
Frio Hill Country Grill
16410 Mueschke Rd
Cypress, TX 77433


TFP Ep. 35 - BBQ Camp

January 16, 2018

Foodways Texas and the meat science department at Tezas A&M host multiple barbecue education events each year. Two of these are held in partnership with Foodways Texas; Barbecue Summer Camp and Camp Brisket. Creative Sausage Making and Beef 101 are options available directly through A&M.

Recorded at The Hop Stop which is celebrating its 2 year anniversary on January 27th, Andrew and Bryan discuss our experience at Barbecue Summer Camp and Camp Brisket as well as provide some information on the other two courses.

Learn more at  and



TFP Ep. 34 - Steve Garner SouthernQ BBQ and catering

January 11, 2018

Starting with family barbecue outings in east texas the passion of barbecue kept calling at Steve and Sharice Garner until they were able to put their unique touch on the barbecue world.

Listen in as Steve Garner talks about his path to launching a brick and mortar after driving trucks and running a food trailer. Steve talks about his path to launching his restaurant, boudin, firecracker crackers, and visiting the bookity bookity boudain man.

Steve also tells us some big news about the future of Southern Q!

Trivia - A visit to Southern Q in February of 2015 was Andrew and Bryan's first BBQ visit together