Tales from the pits, a Texas BBQ podcast featuring trendsetters, leaders, and icons from the barbecue industry

Ep, 119 Bradley Robinson and Chud Pits

August 19, 2019

Bradley “Chud” Robinson is one of the most talented people in barbecue. As one of the pitmasters at the great LeRoy and Lewis Barbecue, he helps produce some of the best fire cooked meats in Texas. As if that full-time job wasn’t enough, Bradley also builds BBQ pits. LeRoy and Lewis cook a lot of their food on pits he’s built or modified.

Chud BBQ Pits are custom built to order and Bradley currently offers offset backyard smokers, 250 gallon propane tank based pits, and his Chud Box direct heat pits. One of the unique benefits of Chud BBQ Pits is that it gives the consumer the opportunity to purchase a pit from a builder who’s also a working pitmaster and designs his pits with years of cooking experience to draw from. Contact Bradley via Instagram if you’re looking to order a Chud BBQ Pit.

Instagram: @chudsbbq