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Ep. 121 - Sausage 101

September 9, 2019

It's taken us three years of making sausage before we felt like we could truly speak on the art of craft sausage. A number of people have asked us to do an episode similar to our Ribs 101 and so here it is - Tales From the Pits Sausage 101. This is a crash course in the basics of making fresh cooked sausage; from what equipment to buy, to the best tips we've learned, and finally we provide a base recipe for you to enhance.

Mentioned in the episode and a great resource is the A&M Creative Sausage Making class.

Here is a link to the class in 2018 that Bryan attended: https://meat.tamu.edu/2018/01/22/2018-creative-sausage-making-course-tamu/

The class is usually held in the second week of January and while not available to register at the time of this episode, the link will be available from here:

A&M also hosts other valuable courses such as Beef 101 and Pork 101, plus the immensely popular Brisket Camp and Barbecue Camp events which are held in conjunction with Foodways Texas

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