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TFP BBQ Ep. 64 - Tom Micklethwait

July 23, 2018

While it has become commonplace in today's Texas BBQ explosion to see carefully sourced proteins, inventive sides, scratch made desserts, craft bread, and housemade pickles, this was not always the case in barbecue. Smoked meats have been available for quite some time in the Lone Star State, but all of the accompaniments were often an afterthought or not even served at all.

Tom Micklethwait is one of the true pioneers of the modern barbecue movement that has helped the industry evolve into a true dining experience. From the very beginning of Micklethwait Craft Meat's days at their tiny trailer in east Austin Tom and his crew have believed in making as much as possible from scratch, even building out the trailer with his own hands, and serving more than just the classic fare. Micklethwait was among the first to make their own bread and pickles along with serving innovative non-meat menu items such as their now famous jalapeno cheese grits, moon pies, and more. Tom has also been at the forefront of the creative sausage boom that has hit barbecue the last several years. What he and the team have been able to do out of a tiny trailer that he renovated himself is nothing short of astounding.

Over the years the accolades poured in and Micklethwait is now considered one of the top BBQ establishments in all of Texas. In this episode you'll hear about Tom's early days playing in bands, his baking, butchery, and sausage making background, and big plans for the next phase of his career with Micklethwait Market and Grocery opening in Smithville, Texas in the fall of 2018. With plans to keep the trailer open in Austin in addition to serving the regular Micklethwait menu along with specials and a retail market and grocery section of the Smithville space, Tom is once again bringing his creativity to the BBQ world in this unique setup.

Catch Micklethwait Craft Meats at their trailer 1309 Rosewood Ave. Austin, TX
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