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TFP BBQ Ep. 30 - 5 stop Houston barbecue run - Mispronounced BBQ names

December 5, 2017

Listen in as we recap a 5 stop barbecue run where we hit up Pinkerton's Barbecue, Victorian's Barbecue, Feges BBQ, Buck's Barbeque Co., and wound up at Tin Roof Barbecue for their grand re-opening after a recent fire. We met up with John Brotherton and Marvin Briley of Brotherton Black Iron Barbecue and Russell and Misty Reogels of Roegel's Barbecue Co at three of the stops and ran across a number of BBQ trail friends.

We tell you where you can find some tasty cheesey squash in Houston

What are the most misprounounced names in barbecue? We pronounce Feges, Roegels, Kreuz, Micklethwait, Evie (Mae's), tell you our peet peeve around mispronouncing Franklin Barbecue, and the many ways to say Mueller

We draw the winning name for the $50 Opie's Barbecue gift certificate and tshirt

We discuss the topic of traditional and non traditional barbecue