TFP Ep. 29 - Dylan Taylor Interview

November 28, 2017

Chance encounters at Franklin Barbecue and la Barbecue set the stage for Dylan Taylor's shift from pursuing a music degree to jumping headfirst into the barbecue world at Terry Black's Barbecue as a meat cutter. Dylan later worked for la Barbecue and helped train staff at Lewis Barbecue in Charleston before landing his current gig at Truth Barbecue.

In between all that Dylan and friends have gone on epic barbecue-centric road trips and he describes his experiences sampling the different styles of barbecue across the country and how they compare to central Texas style. Kansas City, Memphis, The Carolinas, and Dylan's favorite Texas BBQ stops are discussed. He also tells us why he takes pictures of his meat.

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TFP Ep. 28 - Truth BBQ Pt 2 Interview with Leonard Botello

November 21, 2017

We continue our talk with Leonard Botello talking about the new Houston location of Truth Barbecue, Buckethead, A tip on how to skip the line and get cake, trying to sneak into Houston, our city vs city rivalry with Jimmy Ho, and BBQ desserts


TFP Ep. 27 - Truth BBQ Interview with Leonard Botello

November 14, 2017

Listen in as we discuss the early days of Truth BBQ, what is "Central Texas BBQ", status of the Brenham location, and some news on the new Houston location in part one of our two part interview with Leonard Botello IV




TFP Ep. 26 - Where we want to eat next, Top 50 Talk, and what’s happening in Houston Barbecue

October 25, 2017

Andrew and I discuss where are we looking forward to eating at next, who should have been on the Top 50 list, what's happening in Houston barbecue, and what are we cooking up for our next popup event at The Hop Stop on this episode of Tales From the Pits



TFP Ep. 25 - Part 2 John Brotherton Interview

October 17, 2017

Listen in as John Brotherton makes the leap back into full time barbecue with Brotherton's Black Iron Barbecue. This episode includes Barbecue Camp, Bewley pits, brisket Banh Mi, and much more



TFP Ep. 24 - John Brotherton Black Iron Barbecue Interview Pt 1

October 9, 2017

Starting with his trailer, Hall of Flame Barbecue, John Brotherton has had his finger on the pulse of the barbecue world. Listen in to part one of our interview as John describes his early barbecue adventures that included a visit from Daniel Vaughn, a return to an office job, and stops at all 50 barbecue joints from the 2013 Texas Monthly list before his eventual return back to a full time barbecue business.



TFP Ep. 23 - The Woodlands BBQ Fest interview

October 2, 2017

The fall BBQ event season is in full swing! Listen in as Stuart Lapp discusses The Woodlands BBQ Festival and beneficiary Pulmonary Hypertension Association

More information on the festival at:



TFP Ep. 22 Bodacious Pit Tour

September 26, 2017

Head back into the pit room at Bodacious Bar-B-Q in our first audio pit tour. Jordan Jackson and Scott Turner walk us through their four very unique pits



TFP Ep, 21 - We finished the Texas Monthly Top 50!

September 12, 2017

We finally finished getting our barbecue passports filled up and collected our prizes. Listen in as Andrew and I discuss some of our least favorite road trips, surprises, and more memorable pleasant experiences from our Top 50 journey



TFP Ep. 20 - Listener Questions

September 6, 2017

This week we answer questions submitted by our listerners - Topics include Sausage, Wood, Baby Back Ribs, Pop Ups, The Expansion of Central Texas Style Barbecue, and more