TFP BBQ Ep. 59 - Reveille BBQ Interview

June 25, 2018
Reveille Barbecue Co. is a newcomer to the barbecue scene in Texas. Currently 
operating out of a trailer in Magnolia (a suburb north of Houston), Reveille was started 
by co-owners/pitmasters James McFarland and Michael Michna. 
James began chasing his BBQ dreams a few years ago and quickly built a resumé working at The Pit Room and Tejas Chocolate and Barbecue. Michael had a passion for cooking barbecue dating back to his days in the armed services and continuing into his career as a firefighter. The two met and became friends years ago and began making barbecue for cookoffs and special events.

After several years of dreaming about opening a business, the dream began to become a reality in 2017. With a lot of hard work, planning, encouragement from friends and family, and the purchase of a custom built reverse flow smoker built by Arnis Robbins of the acclaimed Evie Mae's Pit Barbeque, Reveille became a reality.

Reveille opened in May of 2018 serving strong representations of many of the smoked meat staples along with non-standard sides such as blistered shishito peppers and a version of Mexican street corn with a Texas spin. Currently open Saturday and Sunday starting at 11 am with plans for expanded hours in the coming months, the future is bright for Reveille Barbecue Co.

Be sure to pay attention in the episode to hear about our newest giveaway courtesy of Reveille Barbecue Co.

Check them out online at
and on Instagram at


TFP BBQ Ep. 58 - Breaking BBQ News and upcoming openings

June 18, 2018
This week we recap the biggest news and happenings around the world of barbecue, 
including a big pitmaster departures at Franklin Barbecue and La Barbecue. 
We also talk about the latest word on upcoming BBQ joints opening in the near future such as The Switch, Blood Bros., Micklethwait, and more.

A quick word on our recent Doubleback BBQ pop up as well as a final thank you to everyone who helped make the Santa Fe High School benefit the success it was.

Tune in every week to hear more stories and interviews!


TFP BBQ Ep. 57 Flores Barbecue Interview

June 11, 2018

Growing up close to Lockhart (the barbecue capitol of Texas) ignited the passion for smoking meat at an early age for Michael Wyont. Soon after attending culinary school, Michael decided to enter the barbecue world, working at Black's BBQ before deciding to strike out on his own.

The Wyonts originally opened the Flores Barbecue trailer - named after Michael's maternal side of the family - in Michael's hometown of San Marcos. There were some logistical issues in San Marcos, and the Wyonts began evaluating options for to grow their business. They eventually settled on Whitney, Texas, where Hali had family roots, and reopened.
It wasn't long after opening in Whitney that Daniel Vaughn made his way to the Flores trailer and wrote a positive article on their barbecue. A short time later, Flores made the coveted Texas Monthly Top 50 list and the crowds grew larger. Armed with a new pit - the first commercial Moberg Smoker - and a new brick and mortar, Flores Barbecue continued to flourish and serve top notch barbecue.
Flores serves the staple barbecue items of brisket, ribs, housemade sausage and sides, but also pays homage to Michael's heritage with specials like carnitas on homemade tortillas as well as Mexican rice. Flores keeps improving on their already strong product and is a name to watch in the coming years as their commitment to quality is unwavering.
Catch Flores Barbecue in Whitney Texas
2222 SH 22
Whitney, Texas
Call (254) 580-3576
Open Thursday through Sunday
Twitter @floresbarbecue

TFP BBQ Ep. 55 Helberg Barbecue Interview Pt 1

May 28, 2018
Phillip and Yvette Helberg met on a cruise ship where he was an employee and she was a guest. The love affair started soon after and Phillip, a native Texan who moved to California to be with Yvette, became interested in cooking. His attention turned quickly to smoked meat following a trip to Texas where he and Yvette had some of John Mueller's barbecue.
They purchased a small retail pit and began experimenting. After a lot of backyard cooks for friends and family, Phillip and Yvette began to think this could become a profession. They started an event planning company which included catering, but soon found the catering portion of their business becoming increasingly popular.
All this time as the business was growing, Phillip missed his home state of Texas. Together they decided to take the plunge and make the move from California to Texas and launched Helberg Barbecue in Waco in the spring of 2018.
Catch Helberg Barbecue at:
Intagram: HelbergBarbecue
2223 Austin Ave, Waco, TX
Open Thurs-Sat 7-10:30 for breakfast
11-sold out for lunch.

TFP BBQ Ep. 56 Helberg Barbecue Interview Part 2

May 28, 2018

After deciding to move to Texas, Phillip and Yvette Helberg began looking for a large spread of land where they could live and farm the land. They found a perfect spot outside of Waco to put down roots, and began to make plans for the next phase of Helberg Barbecue.

They source responsibly raised meats and plan to use as much product grown on their land as possible for their menu. With unique items like Filipino seasoned pork and homemade Zwieback rolls stuffed with smoked meats, Helberg offers something different from the average menu.

After purchasing an old trailer and renovating it, they found a spot to set up shop and serve their barbecue. Open Thursday through Saturday for breakfast and lunch at Pinewood Coffee Bar, Helberg Barbecue is a new addition to the growing Waco barbecue scene.

Catch Helberg Barbecue at:
Intagram: HelbergBarbecue

2223 Austin Ave, Waco, TX

Open Thurs-Sat 7-10:30 for breakfast

11-sold out for lunch



TFP BBQ Ep. 54 - One year show anniversary and an important fundraiser for Santa Fe

May 28, 2018

We've reached the one year mark of the show, and could not be more excited for how the first year has gone and for all of the things lined up for year two. We reflect back on some of the highlights of the last year in this episode and talk about all of the great people in and around the BBQ world that we've been fortunate to meet through the show.

The most important part of the episode, however, is a bit of news surrounding a tragic event in the state of Texas. Following the horrific school shooting at Santa Fe High School, we were asked by Doug Shultz, a friend of ours and fellow barbecue fan, to help organize what we at first thought would be a small barbecue fundraiser to help the victims' families.
The event, much to our shock, has turned into a massive benefit complete with some of our great friends in the barbecue world and in the Houston area helping us cook and serve the food as well as donating some wonderful prizes that will be raffled and auctioned off to raise money for the Santa Fe Strong Memorial Fund.
Advantage BMW/Mini has generously offered to host and facilitate much of the event. We have been fortunate to have been offered assistance from Roegels Barbecue Co, Pappa Charlies Barbeque, Buck's Barbeque Co., Brett's BBQ, and Bourbon Legends BBQ. Incredible meat donations have been provided by Ruffino Meats and Doreck's Meat Market. Every dollar from the food, raffle, and auctions will be donated to the Santa Fe Strong Memorial Fund.
Event Details:
  • Santa Fe Strong BBQ Fundraiser
  • Where: Advantage BMW, 400 Gulf Fwy S., League City, TX
  • When: Saturday, June 2nd, noon-4 PM
  • Food: Two meat with two sides plates available with $10 donation
Raffle prizes include autographed Houston Texans memorabilia, chartered fishing trips, BBQ gift cards from Opie's BBQ, Brotherton's Black Iron Barbecue, John Mueller Black Box BBQ, Buck's Barbeque Co., Grizzly coolers, Hopper Moonwalks, Nothing Bundt Cakes, Astros tickets, and much more.
We hope all can attend and help us raise a lot of money for this fund. If you are unable to attend but would like to donate, please go to and donate directly.

TFP BBQ Ep. 53 - Corkscrew BBQ Interview part 2

May 21, 2018

Listen in to part two as Will and Nichole Buckman buy their first Oyler and discuss their move to their new location in Old Town Spring, Tx.
We also talk about their consistency, selection of meat sources, and their obsession with order accuracy.

Be sure to check out Corkscrew BBQ, one of the Texas Monthly Top 10 BBQ Joints, and order the cobbler!

26608 Keith Street, 77373

Spring, Texas

Open Tuesday-Saturday 11am- Sold Out

Twitter @corkscrewbbq

Instagram corkscrewbbq




TFP BBQ Ep. 52 - Corkscrew BBQ Interview Pt 1

May 14, 2018

Corkscrew BBQ Interview Part 1

Will and Nichole Buckman had just started a family when they decided to transition
from running a small barbecue catering business out of their home to a full fledged
business. It was a big leap of faith with two young babies at home, but the risk paid
off. Corkscrew BBQ began operating their food trailer in 2011 in Spring, Texas (just
outside of Houston) and soon began receiving acclaim.

Though both had worked in barbecue restaurants as teenagers, Will and Nichole did not do
much market research before they began cooking and selling their barbecue, which helped
give Corkscrew its unique flavors and style that set it apart from other restaurants.
Alison Cook from the Houston Chronicle took notice of Corkscrew BBQ early on and wrote a
positive review which brought them an immediate rush of new customers.

Over the next several years the Buckmans continued to perfect their craft and in 2013
made the Texas Monthly's coveted Top 50 BBQ List. The accolades continued to roll in and
Corkscrew developed a loyal and large fan base, leading to stout lines and daily
sell-outs of their product. In the summer of 2015 a building became available in the Old
Town Spring area and the Buckmans were ready. Within a few short months they renovated
the building and opened Corkscrew BBQ as a brick and mortar in October 2015.

Having transitioned to an Oyler pit during the trailer days, Corkscrew added another
Oyler to increase capacity for the restaurant. Cooking on two Oyler pits gives Will
Buckman the opportunity to put out a stellar, consistent product while still getting a
little more sleep than an offset would allow.

In the spring of 2017 Corkscrew BBQ once again made the Texas Monthly Top 50 list, this
time being placed in the top tier of barbecue in the state as the no. 7 rated joint.
Business continues to boom these days for these two hard working, family oriented
business owners. Both Will and Nichole remain dedicated to running Corkscrew full time -
the restaurant has never been open without one of them there - while also making time for
their family.

With the Buckman's commitment to serving only high quality, premium meats and
ingredients, Corkscrew BBQ stands out with top notch prime all natural brisket, Duroc
ribs, homemade cobbler and sides, and non-traditional barbecue items like tacos with
homemade green chile ranch. Corkscrew BBQ is a shining example of how great barbecue can
be when quality and customer service are held to the highest standard.

26608 Keith Street, 77373

Spring, Texas

Open Tuesday-Saturday 11am- Sold Out

Twitter @corkscrewbbq

Instagram corkscrewbbq



TFP BBQ Ep. 51 - Franklin Fans round table

May 7, 2018

We love meeting up with fellow barbecue fans to eat and talk 'cue, and there's no better place for that than the tailgate atmosphere that is the Franklin Barbecue line. When we decided to make our yearly pilgrimage to Franklin, we asked if any friends and listeners to the show would like to join us.

A crew of nine of us arrived early on a Friday morning to wait our turn for some of the famed smoked meats from Franklin Barbecue. From Houston to San Antonio to Austin, we convened from different parts of the state to talk barbecue and decided to turn on the microphones!
Some of the topics we discuss include our first eye opening barbecue experiences, which one barbecue joint each of us would want to bring on a deserted island, and what joints we're looking forward to going to next. This episode includes tons of shoutouts including Feges BBQ, Zavala's Barbecue, LeRoy and Lewis, Louie Mueller BBQ, and many more.
Joined by our friends Justin Catrett, Taylor and Terry Osborn, Cory Gregg, Spencer Hoffman and others, we had a blast talking barbecue and then of course eating copious amounts of meat once we got to the ordering counter. Many of our group of course couldn't stop there and ended up at various places such as Terry Black's, LeRoy and Lewis, and Truth Barbeque.
From a semi serious discussion of great barbecue to building a life raft out of Truth cakes, listen in and join us out on the trail sometime!

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TFP BBQ History Ep. 50 - BBQ History project introduction

April 30, 2018

The history of barbecue in the state of Texas cannot be confined to one story, one influence, or even one method of cooking. In a state this size with so much history, barbecue styles vary based on different influences throughout the regions of the state.

Low and slow or hot and fast? Pork or beef? sauced or dry? Oak or mesquite? We wanted to explore where the primary origins of Texas Barbecue came from and how Texas has not one, but multiple signature styles of barbecue

We are documenting Texas' barbecue history in a series of episodes where we will discuss our research and interview people from different regions to help provide a unique insight into what made Texas barbecue what it was and what it is today.

We will concentrate our efforts into four primary styles with unique traditions. Here's a quick overview:

  • East Texas draws much of its barbecue roots from slavery in the 19th century which resulted in a heavy southern barbecue influence. Pork is prevalent in this region and saucing of meat is a common occurrence.
  • South Texas to this day maintains a rich barbecue tradition of barbacoa due to its proximity to Mexico and large Mexican American population.
  • Central Texas barbecue draws from its Czech and German immigration with sausages made from meat trimmings and simply seasoned meats. Meat Markets sold barbecue from the counter and patrons grabbed items like pickles and bread off the store shelves, leaving unused condiments to be shared.
  • West Texas barbecue origins go back to cattle trails and live fire cooking. Mesquite is the prominent wood type and logs are burned to coals with meats cooked over direct heat to give a distinct grilled flavor.

Listen in to this episode as we get prepared to dive headfirst into this project!

Note that we will continue our more standard episodes in between as the interviews and locations will take some time to cover. These will be marked with BBQ History in the title.

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